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Completed Writing Projects, 2014
Playing For Time, short story
Why Robbie Can't Dance, short story (published as Robbie Can't Dance in Cosmos magazine, 13 October 2014)
The Ambassador from Wolf-Rayet 134, short story

Words in print, 2014
Robbie Can't Dance, short story, 4200 words

Books read, 2014
*books 3
John Blofield. Bodhisattva of Compassion: the Mystical Tradition of Kuan Yin.
Michael Coogan. The Old Testament: A Very Short Introduction.
Barbara Demick. Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea.
Luciano Florido. Information: a Very Short Introduction.
Swami Harshanansa. Devī and her Aspects.
Luke Timothy Johnson. The New Testament: a Very Short Introduction.
Peter Lowe. The Korean War.
Sally Morgan. My Place.
J.H. Patterson. The Man-Eating Lions of Tsavo.
Salman Rushdie. The Jaguar Smile: A Nicaraguan Journey.
Eric Schlosser. Command and Control. Couldn't put it down.
Ronald Takaki. Hiroshima: Why America Dropped the Atomic Bomb.

Alfred Bester. Extro.
Janet Frame. Owls Do Cry.
Nalo Hopkinson. The New Moon's Arms.
Andrey Kurkov. Death and the Penguin. Strangely difficult to put down.
John le Carré. The Looking-Glass War.
Mary McCarthy. Memories of a Catholic Girlhood.
Atiq Rahami. A Thousand Rooms of Dreams and Fear.
Steven Sherrill. The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break.
Bram Stoker. The Jewel of Seven Stars. I read an abridged version of this in primary school and was so bewildered by the conclusion that I thought "abridged" meant they had shortened the book by removing its ending. Now I see why my infant self was puzzled.
Koushun Takami. Battle Royale. (Trans. Yuji Oniki.) You must read this and then watch the movie, or vice versa.
Philippe Vasset. ScriptGenerator©®™.
Fay Weldon. Watching Me, Watching You. Breathtaking.

Hatori Bisco. Ouran High School Host Club vol 1.
Hino Matsuri. Vampire Knight vols 1-9.
Kishimoto Masashi. Naruto, vol 5.
Tite Kubo. Bleach volume 3.
Mayu Shinja. Ai Ore volume 8. Well that was confusing.
Yana Toboso. Black Butler, vol 1. Holy ^&*$^%$. vols 2-11

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*writing 2
First draft of Stephanie's Getting Her Brain Done. In a hurry with this one - no time to muck about with a Draft Zero! :)

Links December 2014: Gender
What Sexual Assault Does To The Brain: why trauma victims give inconsistent accounts of the attack.

Lesbian Obesity Study Misses the Point: We Don't Care If We're Fat: "As it turns out, queer girls (lesbians AND bisexuals) are ALSO more likely to NOT THINK they're fat, even when their BMI puts them in one of the 'overweight' categories. On the flip side, straight girls are more likely to think of themselves as fat even when they're not... if you don't have to concern yourself with attracting men as romantic partners, it's considerably more reasonable to not give a fuck about their photoshopped-magazine-and-mainstream-pornography-fueled beauty standards".

[US] the number of homeless LGBT teens - many cast out by their religious families - quietly keeps growing

No 'solving' of the Jack the Ripper case will satisfy our obsession: "Jack the Ripper didn't kill sex workers: he killed women, some of whom sold sex sometimes. Jack killed flower sellers. Jack killed charwomen. He killed mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives... These women are infinitely more interesting to me than the identity of their killer."

[US] How to Lose $400,000: Women, Race, and the Minimum Wage. In the US, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, and the tipped minimum wage is $2.13 an hour. In Australia, the minimum wage is $AU16.87.

Child sexual abuse: women make up 10 per cent of perpetrators reported to royal commission

Domestic violence strategy lacks funding and focus: women's groups: "The system itself is really stretched and the women and children are not getting the support that is required."

Unions want domestic violence leave to be universal right

The Feminist Guide To Non-Creepy Flirting

California adopts historic 'yes means yes' rule on sexual consent (which is fantastic, but it seems to apply only to college campuses?!)

Women under-represented in management positions, paid 24 per cent less than men according to Workplace Gender Equality Agency report

Family Court Chief Justice calls for rethink on how High Court handles cases involving transgender children: "As it now stands, a child wishing to change gender needs to apply to the Family Court for the second stage of treatment involving gender-changing hormones."

[US] These High School Students Are Fighting For Medically-Accurate Sex Ed: 'We Have The Right To Know'

12-Year-Old's Suicide Sparks Social-Media Outrage: Is It Enough?: Ronin Shimizu was a bullied gender non-conforming boy.

sometimes things are tough but look at this bun

Refugee update
Iranian hunger striker enters 46th day without food in Darwin detention centre: I thought I'd better let you know about this sooner rather than later.

Also of note: Philip Ruddock: Psychological problems part of humanitarian refugee intake: regarding Martin Place siege gunman Man Haron Monis, who was granted a refugee visa in 2001, the former Immigration Minister points out that refugees may have psychological problems as a result of torture and trauma, and that this does not disqualify them as refugees.

Refugee Update
44 children, including 25 babies born in Australia, will be detained on Nauru rather than being released at the same time as other asylum seeker children. "There is despair and confusion. People don't understand why they are being treated differently to people who arrived on the same boat – and in some cases in the same family."

The Senate Committee's report on the outbreak of violence on Manus Island, including the murder of Reza Berati, says the outbreak was "eminently foreseeable", that the government failed in its duty of care to the asylum seekers, and recommended compensation be paid to the victims. It also accused Immigration Minister Scott Morrison of misleading the public in blaming the victims immediately after the attacks. The government responded that the violence was the fault of the Labor and Green parties and that everything is fine now.

The other fatality (so far) (that we know about) is Hamid Kehazaei, who died of blood poisoning after his urgent medical evacuation from the Manus Island facility was delayed by more than a day. The contract for the medical services provider on Nauru and Manus Island, International Health and Medical Services (IHMS), has just been renewed for five years. A leaked draft report reveals that the Department of Immigration complained to IHMS that its doctors "advocated" for patients' health, for example, deeming them unfit to return to the detention.

ETA: Some pricetags:

$10 billion: detention contracts since mid-2007

$1 billion: offshore detention in 2013-2014

$859,363: cost per asylum seeker held offshore in 2013-2014

$120,000: monitoring the media for mentions of Scott Morrison and Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash

Forgive me for the great lump of terrible refugee news...
... I simply haven't been able to get anywhere the links for weeks on end. It's been harrowing today trying to compile months' worth of news items. I know how depressing and disheartening it all is, especially in such quantity, so I'll wait a few days at least before posting more.

Refugee Update
Royal Australian Navy personnel open up about trauma of seeing asylum seekers die at sea. Officers state that Navy vessels are being told not to board asylum seeker vessels until they reach Australian waters, and that one vessel sank as a result, with loss of life. One says that "Our vessel was delayed 15 hours for a boarding on one occasion and we got reports in from surveillance aircraft that that vessel had sunk 13 hours ago. All we found was probably a line about 70 miles long of bodies. We fished them out for as long as we could, 'til we were full. And that wasn't uncommon."

These incidents have been keep secret as part of Operation Sovereign Borders. When I said I believed that boats were still leaving Indonesia and that lives were still being lost, it seemed so abstract.

In September, the SBS news program Dateline reported on the torture and rape of asylum seekers returned to Sri Lanka. In late November, an asylum boat from Sri Lanka was intercepted near the Indonesian coastline and 37 asylum seekers were handed over to the Sri Lankan navy and arrested. At least one, Indika Mendis, had previously been tortured by Sri Lankan police, and has reportedly been tortured again by Sri Lankan authorities after his arrest.

Another involuntary returnee, Zainullah Naseri, states he was abducted and tortured by the Taliban after being sent to Afghanistan. However, the High Court prevented the deportation of a second Afghani who had been told he could avoid persecution if he changed jobs.

Cambodia says it will only take "20 or 10 or 50 or 100 [refugees from Australia] or something like this. Not 1000 as people have said", in exchange for an additional $40 million in aid (to one of the world's most corrupt governments). Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the program will start with "four or five" refugees and build up from there. The UNHCR and Amnesty have condemned the deal and a coalition of human rights lawyers and groups have expressed particular concern for children. Cambodians have protested the deal: sex worker and advocate Sou Sotheavy points out that the country can barely take care of its own people, and says she doesn't expect the refugees will survive for long after they arrive. "Australia has abundant resources while we have few... this is difficult for me to understand."

ETA: This one dates all the way back to August: "While Syrian authorities are committing crimes against humanity including systematic killings and torture, Australia is doing the unthinkable – trying to send Syrians back home."

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